This week we the Scottish Government have launched their Coronavirus ‘4 Things’ Narrative campaign. The campaign aims to reinforce why there is still a need for continued protective behaviours against the backdrop of the vaccine rollout and will run until 14th March, on TV, radio, digital, social and press channels.

The Narrative campaign introduces the importance of four key interventions needed in order to suppress the virus:

  1. Get vaccinated
  2. Follow health protection measures (FACTS)
  3. If you have symptoms self-isolate immediately and book a test
  4. Follow restrictions including travel advice (here and overseas)

A new end line to support this message has been introduced: Until we’ve all been vaccinated, protecting all of us, takes all of us.

This campaign will run alongside the new FACTS, Outbreak Levels and Test & Protect campaigns which will be running in March, and together these campaigns will work together to outline the key interventions that will help to protect us all.

How You Can Help

As always, we would really appreciate your help in sharing these campaign messages with your audience, as we have seen such positive results as a result of the collective partner outreach.

Campaign Assets

The  Stakeholder Toolkit (link below) includes all the assets the Scottish Government have created to communicate the new restrictions and reinforce the importance of staying at home to stop the spread of the virus:

20-21 – Coronavirus – Stakeholder Toolkit – 4 Things Narrative Approach – Final – 24 Feb 2021