Upcoming Webinars 2024

Join us for our inaugural SWITCH online webinar of the year on January 25th,  2024 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am via Microsoft teams, featuring Guest Speaker Sandy Anderson, Service Manager for Waste Operations at Fife Council. Sandy will shed light on strategies to Promote a Positive Mentally Health Workplace for Frontline Staff.


  1. The significance of fostering a mentally healthy workplace
  2. What has driven this service to change
  3. Concrete steps taken by the service to champion mental health and cultivate a shift in attitudes.

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If presenting on a specific topic related to Health & Safety or Education, Training, and Competence (ETC) interests you, kindly reach out to chair@switchforum.org.uk for H&S or duncan@duncansimpsonassociates.co.uk for ETC to express your interest.

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