A key objective of SWITCH is to signpost existing guidance and information and also to develop resources where a gap is identified.


The Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum exists to communicate and consult with key stakeholders, including local and national government bodies, equipment manufacturers, trade associations, professional associations and trade unions. The aim of WISH is to identify, devise and promote activities that can improve industry health and safety performance.
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SWITCH Competency Framework

The Competence Assessment Tool is for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders within the waste and resource management environment to assess their team members against a range of specified competences and skills applicable to their job roles. The questions within the assessment are based on the competence framework designed by members of the SWITCH forum in wider consultation with the industry.
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SHEA Passport Scheme

The Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) portfolio of schemes provides an industry agreed standard for health and safety awareness training with the Energy & Utility sector, as well as being affiliated with CSCS. Energy & Utility Skills (EUS) provides off-the-shelf learning and assessment that aligns with the agreed standard and offers the principal route through to SHEA registration.

The SWITCH Forum is aiming to promote and market the passport scheme in Scotland as a requirement for all operators working in the waste and resources industry to improve qualifications in the sector.
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DASH Programme

The DASH Programme provides an industry-specific training solution to illness, fatalities and accidents. An industry-developed induction programme endorsed by the HSE.

Case Studies 

We have prepared a number of Case studies to showcase the work of SWITCH ambassadors. We are always looking for example of good practice! If you have got a good story to tell for Health and Safety or Training and development then please get in touch!!
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