The key aim of the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum is to recognise and promote activities to help improve health and safety performance in the waste industry.

To assist with this process the WISH Forum have created a list of Guidance documents on the topics summarised below.

To view the official guidance provided and maintained by the WISH Working Groups which comprises of industry experts, the HSE and other organisations please follow the link below:

WASTE 03 Orphaned compressed gas cylinders in waste and recycling industries
WASTE 04 Waste and recycling vehicles in street collection
WASTE 05 The safe use of refuse collection vehicle hoists and bins
WASTE 06 Skip and container safety in waste management and recycling
WASTE 08 Compaction equipment: User and public safety
WASTE 09 Safe transport in the waste management and recycling industry
WASTE 10 The safe recovery of petrol from end-of-life vehicles
WASTE 11 Safety at ‘bring-sites’ in the waste management and recycling industry
WASTE 13 Designing and operating material recycling facilities (MRFs) safely
WASTE 16 Reducing noise risks from kerbside glass collection
WASTE 18 Hand sorting of recyclables (‘totting’) with vehicle assistance
WASTE 21 Health and safety training in waste management and recycling
WASTE 22 Handling offensive/hygiene waste safely
WASTE 23 Safe waste and recycling collection services
WASTE 24 Highway cleansing – issue 2 October 2020
WASTE 25 Managing access to large waste and recycling bins
WASTE 26 Managing health and safety in civic amenity sites
WASTE 27 Health and hazardous substances in waste and recycling
WASTE 28 Reducing fire risk at waste management sites

Please find attached the latest update to WISH INFO 13 COVID-19 and waste management activities, and the associated exemplar checklist.

A summary of changes from version 9 to version 10 are as follows:

Section 1. COVID-19 and Waste Management

The only major change to this section is a brief mention of new variants of the virus.

Section 2. Symptoms and what to do if an employee shows or reports the symptoms

There are no significant changes to this section.

Section 3. Controlling the spread of COVID-19 – General Precautions

Significant changes to this section include new sub-sections on fresh air/ventilation and vaccination and further information on testing and discarded “LFD” test kits.

Section 4. Changes in Response to COVID-19

Key changes to this section is a new HSE link on “returning to normal business” and some expansion on this subject.

Section 5. Specific Advice

Significant changes to this section include a new sub-section on workshops, maintenance, and similar and more emphasis on fresh air/ventilation.

During COVID-19 WISH has continually updated guidance relevant to the industry and its interface with the public. The consultative and inclusive approach has allowed guidance to develop as the pandemic evolved. This webinar will provide insights into lessons learned to date and emerging issues as of June 2020, supported by a BINN Group case study. The webinar also explores driving for work, driver health and the importance of creating the right environment for a conversation with staff.


  • Dr Karen McDonnell, RoSPA OSH Policy Adviser and Head of RoSPA Scotland
  • Chris Jones, WISH Forum
  • Audrey Duckworth, SHEQ Manager, BINN Group
  • Jim Brown, Group Commercial Director, BINN Group and Chair of SWITCH

To hear the webinar click here