The Society of Occupational Medicine is a registered charity whose objective is to increase the wellbeing of the working population across the UK.

This guidance offers employees from Occupational Health Authorities guidance on how to manage getting back to work after COVID-19 infection and Long COVID.

The key aim of the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum is to recognise and promote activities to help improve health and safety performance in the waste industry.

To assist with this process the WISH Forum have created a list of Guidance documents on the topics summarised below.

To view the official guidance provided and maintained by the WISH Working Groups which comprises of industry experts, the HSE and other organisations please follow the link below:

WASTE 03 Orphaned compressed gas cylinders in waste and recycling industries
WASTE 04 Waste and recycling vehicles in street collection
WASTE 05 The safe use of refuse collection vehicle hoists and bins
WASTE 06 Skip and container safety in waste management and recycling
WASTE 08 Compaction equipment: User and public safety
WASTE 09 Safe transport in the waste management and recycling industry
WASTE 10 The safe recovery of petrol from end-of-life vehicles
WASTE 11 Safety at ‘bring-sites’ in the waste management and recycling industry
WASTE 13 Designing and operating material recycling facilities (MRFs) safely
WASTE 16 Reducing noise risks from kerbside glass collection
WASTE 18 Hand sorting of recyclables (‘totting’) with vehicle assistance
WASTE 21 Health and safety training in waste management and recycling
WASTE 22 Handling offensive/hygiene waste safely
WASTE 23 Safe waste and recycling collection services
WASTE 24 Highway cleansing – issue 2 October 2020
WASTE 25 Managing access to large waste and recycling bins
WASTE 26 Managing health and safety in civic amenity sites
WASTE 27 Health and hazardous substances in waste and recycling
WASTE 28 Reducing fire risk at waste management sites

Stuart Fair (Dumfries & Galloway) and Danielle Moore (East Renfrewshire) Councils presentation on how we need to think about the mental health of our workforce within the resource management industry.

“Our current world is very different to the one we knew a year ago. It is an understatement to say we are all operating in different times and whilst we are strongly focused on service delivery and abiding by COVID-19 restrictions and Guidance, we need to take a moment to think about our own and the mental health of our workforce, if we chose to ignore this or not proactively manage and support our people, it could be an accident waiting to happen”. (Danielle Moore, ERC)

Read Danielle’s blog here

Sources of Support / Further Information

A £1 million programme offering small to medium-sized businesses across Scotland up to £5,000 of training each has been launched by the OU in Scotland.

The Flexible Workforce Development Fund programme aims to boost productivity and growth of SMEs in response to Covid-19. It is supported by the Scottish Funding Council and opened to applications on Monday (1 February).

Following the Scottish Government announcement in mid-November, teams in Scotland, BDU and Marketing and Communications responded rapidly to develop the offer, a range of short courses and modules.

These reflect existing Scottish skills gaps including leadership and business, digital and IT, health and social care and the green economy.

Marie Hendry, Deputy Director, External Engagement and Partnerships, at the OU in Scotland, said: “The Open University is uniquely placed to help industry address national and regional skills gaps and support employers to develop in an ever-changing world of work.

“We know that Scotland’s SMEs have been particularly affected by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and these businesses and their people will play a crucial role in Scotland’s recovery. Our tailored training plans will help SME companies to upskill and retrain their existing workforce to maximise the opportunities to restart and recover.”

The OU already provides workforce development solutions to over 260 organisations from the Shetland Isles to Dumfries and Galloway benefitting over 900 employees. It is the first university to provide training for small to medium-sized businesses under the Flexible Workforce Development Fund.

Encouraging companies across the private, public and third sectors to discuss tailored training for their organisation, Suzanne McQuade, Business Relationships Manager, said: “We offer a highly flexible approach working with companies to understand their business challenges and shaping training and development to suit them. Staff can access our innovative online training in the workplace or from home at a time to suit while accommodating ongoing business operations.”

Find out more about OU support for SMEs on the Flexible Workforce Development Fund webpage.

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Please see HSE guidance regarding disinfecting premises during the COVID-19 pandemic that has been updated to include joint advice on risks to health that can be created by using walk-through spraying or misting systems.

This advice provides information on systems used to disinfect premises during the pandemic. It explains the legal requirements and provides the latest information, including joint advice from public health bodies on risks to health that can be created by using walk-through spraying or misting systems.