Scottish Government publish COVID-19 Vaccine NHS Scotland Explainer Video, with additional languages and formats now available.

COVID-19 Vaccine Videos

Below are links to the full suite of videos, including shorter versions and topic-specific cut-downs.

NHS Scotland Explainer Video – Translations to date:


This week the Scottish Government launched the COVID-19 Summer Safety Measures Campaign, which went live on Monday, 21st June. This campaign is focused on reminding people of the importance of good safety behaviours such as ventilation and outdoor socialising. Continuing to follow these behaviours until we are all vaccinated will help us avoid future outbreaks and minimise the risks from new strains.

The five key safety measures highlighted as part of the campaign include: ventilation, meeting outdoors where possible, importance of cleaning hands, avoiding crowds and wearing face coverings in crowded places. The Summer Safety Measures Campaign will run for 4 weeks until the 18th July, and will be live on TV, Radio, Digital, Social and Out of Home (OOH) channels.


The Scottish Government have created Sector Advice Cards to help managers find relevant advice and understand what to do in the event of an outbreak in the workplace and to help employers communicate COVID-19 related health and safety advice to their employees. The compliance team have reported that many of the outbreaks they have seen have been due to staff ‘letting their guard down’ rather than not having the correct procedures in place. These advice cards are a useful way to communicate important messages and provide reminders where staff may be prone to dropping their guard.

The Scottish Government has now published the specific Waste Sector Advice Card and it is available to view and download here:  Sector Advice Card – Waste Sector (

For more information on the two new Advice Cards on the Scottish Government website please follow the links below:


The next phase of the National Roll Up Your Sleeves Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign, is this time aimed at 18-49 year olds.

This stage of the campaign will look to encourage as many people as possible aged 18-49 to get their COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they are invited. This will run on TV, radio, digital and out of home channels from today until the end of June.

This phase aims to reach those aged 18 to 49 who will be invited forward for the COVID-19 vaccine as the next phase of the programme gets underway. We know that you can get seriously ill with coronavirus at any age, and while having the vaccine doesn’t eliminate the risk of coronavirus, if you and your loved ones are vaccinated it does reduce the impact of the virus. Timings will differ by Health Board area and in line with vaccine supply, however we aim for all adults in Scotland to have a first dose of one of the vaccines by the end of July and we are asking the public when invited forward to take up the vaccine.

Stakeholder Toolkit

Campaign Assets                                                                                                                                                                                       

You can find campaign assets on the download links below:




Please find some additional FACTS campaign materials on face coverings. Following FACTS is essential to help stop the spread of the virus and is even more important now to help suppress new virus strains.

FACTS Stakeholder Toolkit
The attached FACTS Stakeholder Toolkit includes a new film about best practice for wearing face coverings. There are shorter versions of the films for use on social, which show 5 top tips to ensure face coverings are as effective as possible.

How You Can Help

Please share these social animations and films with your audiences, and if sharing via social media please include the hashtag #WeAreScotland

Campaign Assets

This FACTS Face Covering Stakeholder Toolkit includes:


This week we the Scottish Government have launched their Coronavirus ‘4 Things’ Narrative campaign. The campaign aims to reinforce why there is still a need for continued protective behaviours against the backdrop of the vaccine rollout and will run until 14th March, on TV, radio, digital, social and press channels.

The Narrative campaign introduces the importance of four key interventions needed in order to suppress the virus:

  1. Get vaccinated
  2. Follow health protection measures (FACTS)
  3. If you have symptoms self-isolate immediately and book a test
  4. Follow restrictions including travel advice (here and overseas)

A new end line to support this message has been introduced: Until we’ve all been vaccinated, protecting all of us, takes all of us.

This campaign will run alongside the new FACTS, Outbreak Levels and Test & Protect campaigns which will be running in March, and together these campaigns will work together to outline the key interventions that will help to protect us all.

How You Can Help

As always, we would really appreciate your help in sharing these campaign messages with your audience, as we have seen such positive results as a result of the collective partner outreach.

Campaign Assets

The  Stakeholder Toolkit (link below) includes all the assets the Scottish Government have created to communicate the new restrictions and reinforce the importance of staying at home to stop the spread of the virus:

20-21 – Coronavirus – Stakeholder Toolkit – 4 Things Narrative Approach – Final – 24 Feb 2021

This “workbook” brings into one place, guidance on how local and national health agencies provide support to help contain the virus, together with advice on outbreak management. Its aim is to encourage a widely shared understanding of these procedures and explain everyone’s obligations, what will be expected of them, and who will be making decisions in relation to infection prevention and outbreak control.

Section 1 describes the way in which the spread of COVID-19 is managed in Scotland

Section 2 describes the approach taken to manage incidents and outbreaks of COVID-19

Section 3 outlines how organisations and businesses across Scotland can take actions to prevent the spread of the virus and their role in reporting on and helping to manage outbreaks.

On Thursday 21st January a nationwide communications campaign was introduced to boost the COVID-19 vaccination programme. This is the largest mass vaccination programme ever run in Scotland and it is vital that as many people become eligible that they get the vaccine quickly in  order for life to get back to some sort of normality.

Please support this campaign by sharing this message through your communication channels. For more information on how you can do this please link to the stakeholder toolkit below.

Please see update below from the Scottish Government:

  1. The Protect Scotland App is now available to secondary school children, and now anyone aged 12 and over can download the app
  2. For the all audience population we have also gone live yesterday with a digital campaign to remind people to download the Protect Scotland App

The free Protect Scotland App from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect is available to download on and via the App Store and Google Play.  The App has been here to help keep Scotland safe from coronavirus, and since this was launched in September we have had 1.7 million downloads.  The app has been another tool in helping stop the spread of coronavirus and complements existing contact tracing measures, helping us to determine contacts that we may have otherwise missed, and allows us to alert people at risk far more quickly so they can steps to reduce the risk of infecting others.

This app uses tried and tested technology developed by Apple and Google and is already working successfully in other countries across Europe. It works in the background using minimal data and will automatically alert you if you have been in close contact with another app user who has tested positive. And if you test positive, the app can quickly alert those you have had close contact with. The app uses Bluetooth technology, so it never knows your identity or location.

For more information on the Protect Scotland App, you can view the Explainer Video, which is also available in BSL, Arabic, Polish, Punjabi and Urdu.

Protect Scotland Campaign for 12 – 15 Year Old

  • The campaign is targeted at 12-15 year olds and their parents/guardians, and is live on TV, Digital, Social Media and PR and on Young Scot from the 14th December to the 10th of January.
  • The campaign directs young people to to download the app and find out how it works.
  • The FAQ has been updated for parents/guardians and those under 16: Frequently Asked Questions | Protect Scotland

 Protect Scotland Digital Campaign – All Audience

  • The digital campaign is to remind the general population to download and use the Protect Scotland App.

 App Glitch

  • As communicated by the First Minister on Wednesday there was a setting issue with the app earlier this week following the most recent release which resulted in some people being advised they were a close contact. This problem was identified and resolved.
  • The app is working as intended and is an important element in the contact tracing process, and people are only classified as a close contact if they have been within 2 metres of another app user for at least 15 minutes..

How to Help

We would really appreciate if you could share the appropriate assets with your audiences and via social media:


The purpose of this document is to provide operators with a brief guide on how best to manage asbestos contaminated demolition wastes and to determine when it is necessary to consign that material as special waste to a site authorised to accept special waste.

In Scotland, the Special Waste Regulations 1996 (as amended) set out procedures to be adhered to  when disposing of, carrying, and receiving special waste. The regulations are the main piece of legislation covering special waste arising in Scotland.