The following webinars have been recorded which provide information about a range of topics, with some covering the impacts of COVID-19 and the sector’s response.

H&S and Training and Development Challenges in the Waste and Resource Management Sector

SWITCH AGM & Autumn Seminar Slide Deck

The Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) & Battery Takeback Regulations

Environment Agency – Producer Responsibility – UKVIA Presentation

SWITCH Autumn Seminar & AGM

Promoting a Mentally Healthy Workplace for Front Line Operatives

Machinery Safety & Maintenance

Research & Waste Industry Course Insight

SWITCH Career Progression for the Resource Sector

Disposable Vapes Webinar

Impacts of H&S Incidents

Modern Slavery Webinar

SWITCH Webinar Fire Suppression

Biffa Wigan ATFS West

Helios Fire AMFE Animation

Battery and Cylinder Fire Safety
Download pptx Presentation

Helios Fire ATFS Promo Video

Bioaerosols Webinar


SWITCH-ing up your H&S to Manage on-site Waste Treatment

Dangers of Batteries with John Twitchen

Inspection Enforcement & Sector News HSE

SWITCH AGM Part 2 – CIWM Skills for the Future Webinar & SWITCH Focus 2022


WAMITAB Developing Skills for the Future

IOSH Environmental & Waste Management EWGM Material Dr David Thomas 

HSE SESA H&S Statistics with Stephen Freeland

Introducing the RMAS and Case Study Operational Response to COVID 19

Lessons Learned from Delivering Waste

Operation of the Brewster Bros Site

Safe Management of Clinical Waste during COVID 19 in the NHS Scotland

COVID 19 & The Impact on Mental Health & Wellbeing

Bioaerosol Monitoring – What Waste Industry Professionals Should Know