The SWITCH Forum is dependent upon the support and volunteering of time and resources from members and member organisations. Through providing a forum for like minded people and organisations, the SWITCH Forum enables people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to come together and collaborate to deliver better standards of health and safety in the sector,  raise awareness of key issues and to develop key materials and guidance on where to find support for training, competence and continued professional development. Our two working groups drive these work programs.

We are indebted to –

  • Open University for providing funding to develop this website
  • SWITCH ambassadors (past and present) for freely contributing their time, expertise and company resources to support the aims and objectives of SWITCH.
  • Company sponsors who have either hosted or paid to host SWITCH meetings and events.
  • We are also proud to work in close collaboration with Scottish Government who fund and support our work. They also provide insight into the Government’s priorities in these important areas and we act as a conduit for their key messages and sounding board for proposed changes to policy and support.
  • We have an agreement to cooperate and collaborate with CIWM (the sectors professional body). The CIWM represents the individual in the sector and as such has a key role to play in delivering improved levels of professionalism and supporting the development of skills which meet the needs of our sectors future workers and priorities. By working together we ensure that workers in Scotland get the support they need and both organisations can support each other in terms of progressing professional development and supporting individuals and organisations in their commitment to deliver appropriate qualifications and standards which meet the needs of industry today and in the future.
  • The SME sector is hard working and vital partner in our industry. SMEs are often critical to local economy, provide employment opportunities and services across the length and breadth of Scotland. RMAS is the Trade Association representing SMEs in the sector and we collaborate with them to ensure health and safety is championed and that key training needs and professional development is designed and delivered in such a way as to support them. RMAS provides a key channel to business owners and workers in the SME sector.

We will continue to require limited amount of funding to grow and develop SWITCH, so we welcome any approaches for –

  • Companies looking to sponsor events, for example our annual event
  • Host meetings or contribute to the cost.
  • Grant or donations to support the work of SWITCH

Please contact us if you think you can help!