Passport Scheme

SHEA Passport Scheme

The Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) portfolio of schemes provides an industry agreed standard for health and safety awareness training with the Energy & Utility sector, as well as being affiliated with CSCS. Energy & Utility Skills (EUS) provides off-the-shelf learning and assessment that aligns with the agreed standard and offers the principal route through to SHEA registration.

Developed in collaboration with industry, the SHEA portfolio of schemes is one of the leading Health & Safety courses within relevant industries. The scheme is an awareness passport which ensures that those working within the utilities and waste management industries have a basic awareness of health and safety best practice procedures.    The SHEA portfolio consists of the following industry-specific schemes:

  • SHEA Gas
  • SHEA Power
  • SHEA Water
  • SHEA Waste & Resource Management
  • SHEA Cross-Country Pipelines
  • SHEA Telecommunications

The SHEA scheme is affiliated with the CSCS health & safety requirements.    The SHEA Waste & Resource Management passport has been developed by Energy and Utility Skills. It was designed for all persons who require access to operational sites, both permanent and temporary, including all levels of operatives, supervisors and management. It has been used by a range of waste management companies including Barr Environmental, Viridor and FCC Environmental.

SWITCH have supported and assisted with the roll out of the new Passport scheme to the resource management industry in Scotland. The passport has been badged with the SWITCH logo for those holders that have been trained in Scotland. The passport scheme has been designed to provide on-site evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge on health, safety and environmental awareness issues. In addition to the goal of keeping the resource management workforce safer, the passport scheme ensures an industry wide standard and a focus on consistency in safety training and reduced duplication / repetition of core health and safety training.

The SWITCH – SHEA Passport course developed covers seven core modules and one additional module:

  1. Introduction to the Waste Sector
  2. Legislation, Regulation and Company Procedures
  3. Health and Safety in the Workplace
  4. What happens if things go wrong?
  5. Occupational Hazards & Consequences
  6. Onsite Risks and Precautions
  7. The Environment 8. Waste Collection: Drivers & Operatives (Waste Collection Additional Module)

The SWITCH Forum is aiming to promote and market the passport scheme in Scotland as a requirement for all operators working in the waste and resources industry to improve qualifications in the sector.