Health & Safety Forum: Supporting continual improvement in health and safety

Group Lead – Jim Brown


  • Produce practical guidance on WUDS POPs
  • Support and participate on updating of operation of automatic lifting gear with WISH
  • Investigate possible funding for social media campaign materials for safe disposal of vapes, Li Ion batteries and small WEEE
  • Continue ongoing monitoring of relevant H&S issues – fire risk, vehicular pedestrian interaction, maintenance of equipment, fit and proper welfare facilities, mental health and wellbeing, remote working

SWITCH is keen to encourage companies to share best practice to raise standards of health and safety, training, learning and development, and technical competence in the Scottish resource management industry.

Do you have a health and safety issue you are struggling to resolve?

Have you made good progress addressing a particular H&S issue you would be willing to share?

If so, SWITCH is always keen to hear from you, and we may be able to build into future workplans and use the network to help improve the sector!