SWITCH Competency Framework

The Competence Assessment Tool is for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders within the waste and resource management environment to assess their team members against a range of specified competences and skills applicable to their job roles. The questions within the assessment are based on the competence framework designed by members of the SWITCH forum in wider consultation with the industry.

The SWITCH Competence Assessment Tool has been set out in three levels –

Level 1: For use with staff with the skills and knowledge to carry out routine work unsupervised and more complex work supervised. With ability to raise productivity and problems with their immediate supervisor.

Level 2: For use with staff with the skills and knowledge to carry out work unsupervised and could be leading a small team of others, maintaining productivity and resolving problems as they arise. They will usually report to the manager

Level 3: For use with staff with responsibility for controlling and administering teams or a group of staff. Someone who plans and directs the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, providing feedback & taking corrective action when necessary.

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