Welcome to The Road Safety Podcast, the podcast that keeps driving for work and how to manage risks, in the minds of people and businesses across Scotland. With your host, Dr Karen McDonnell – Occupational Safety and Health Policy Adviser at RoSPA these  conversations will help you understand where driving for work sits within the Safe […]

A new LSE report explores the behavioural biases that might impact inclusivity in hybrid working. It is intended to help organisations prepare for the post-COVID “new normal” where some workers will work on site and others from home. For some firms this will mean sequential attendance of employees on-site. For others, it will be decided who […]

ESA Launch Zero Plan https: ESA-Net-Zero-Exec-Summary.pdf (circularonline.co.uk) This strategy sets out ESA’s collective ambition to not only become a net zero GHG emission sector, but to achieve this by 2040 – a full decade ahead of the UK’s legally binding target. Meeting this stretching ambition requires joint action from our sectors, government, supply chain and […]