HSE asks waste management companies to remember to control other serious health and safety risks when operating their business, while taking measures to reduce the chances of COVID-19 infection.

At the moment many waste companies are reporting lower than usual levels of sickness absence. However, they are seeing a rise in near misses with a high potential for a serious accident and there is a perception that the workforce may be forgetting the ‘basic’ risks in their focus on COVID-19.

HSE announce latest online assessment tool for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). An all-in-one digital solution for the well renowned Manual Handling Assessment Chart (MAC). Designed to simplify the process of completing each assessment, with a logical step by step approach, saving assessors time in populating and interpreting the results manually.

Employers and safety representatives will be able to use the tool to evaluate the risks posed by lifting, carrying and team manual handling activities.

To Find out more click here  and to register for one of the live webinars demonstrating the musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) tool please follow the links below:

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) warn pressure systems that have not been used for an extended period due to the COVID-19 outbreak may become unsafe.

Included in the guidance:

  • Types of pressure systems
  • The examination period
  • Safety issues to be aware of

Guidance on restarting workplace pressure systems safely