A guide for businesses who make or get deliveries to make sure they provide drivers with easy access to welfare facilities like toilets and hand washing amenities.

It is a legal responsibility to whoever controls the premises to provide access to these services.

Guidance on the various options available for disinfecting larger spaces in the workplace to help control the spread of COVID-19. Options include fog, vapour, and Ultraviolet treatments.

HSE team up with Virtual College to develop a new online health and safety training solution for slips and trips in the workplace following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thousands of construction workers are injured each year following a trip or slip whilst on site of which many could have been avoided with improved management of working areas and access routes for example corridors, footpaths, site cabins and stairwells.

The new online courses have been designed to help businesses meet their compliance needs, with the learner at the forefront of the creative process. For more information on the three levels of training available please follow the links below: