Stress., depression and anxiety are the second biggest cause of work-related ill health in the construction industry. Recognising the signs of stress will help employers to take the necessary steps to prevent, reduce and manage stress in the workplace.

If you already have a risk assessment in place, consider whether you need to re-assess the situation due to changes and challenges brought about by covid-19. Social distancing, working from home (where possible) and all the other safeguards that have been put in place may have changed or created new stress.

Starting the conversation is an important first step in preventing issues. The HSE Construction Stress Talking Toolkit is aimed at small businesses with a regular workforce (employed and contracted) who want to start looking at this issue. It will also help site managers wanting to identify project-specific issues.

Download the toolkit for practical step-by-step guidance on how to begin and structure those difficult conversations.

Some work can cause life-threatening lung diseases. Find out how to protect your workers when they do these tasks:

Industry guidance A-Z

Regularly lifting, carrying or handling materials and items can cause serious injuries. Do not accept these injuries as an inevitable part of your work. This page tells you how to control these risks and why. More detailed information is available on the main HSE manual handling page.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 says you must prevent or reduce risks from lifting, carrying and handling loads.

The Manual Handling Assessment Chart (MAC) tool has been developed to help you identify higher risk tasks.