PHASS recently discussed the expectation that employers should publish their COVID risk assessments.  It’s not a legal requirements but here is the advice:

Sharing your risk assessment

You must share the results of your risk assessment with your workforce. If possible, you should consider publishing it on your website (and we would expect all businesses with over 50 employees to do so). We would expect all businesses to demonstrate to their workers and customers that they have properly assessed their risk and taken appropriate measures to mitigate this. You should do this by displaying a notification in a prominent place in your business and on your website, if you have one.

Remember that Healthy Working Lives has information and advice to support the risk assessment process, a tool kit on helping employees back to work and an opportunity to offer or receive support from a mentoring network. Find out more and we would welcome you sharing case studies or risk assessments.

An example guidance document that can be downloaded and tailored to your company needs to assist employers understand and work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As lockdown measure ease and more people head back to work it is important, we ensure that everyone’s wellbeing is being looked after during their working hours. Please see below a “Return to Work” guide kindly produced by Barr Environmental to assist with this process.