Scottish Government publish COVID-19 Vaccine NHS Scotland Explainer Video, with additional languages and formats now available.

COVID-19 Vaccine Videos

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NHS Scotland Explainer Video – Translations to date:

This week the Scottish Government launched the COVID-19 Summer Safety Measures Campaign, which went live on Monday, 21st June. This campaign is focused on reminding people of the importance of good safety behaviours such as ventilation and outdoor socialising. Continuing to follow these behaviours until we are all vaccinated will help us avoid future outbreaks and minimise the risks from new strains.

The five key safety measures highlighted as part of the campaign include: ventilation, meeting outdoors where possible, importance of cleaning hands, avoiding crowds and wearing face coverings in crowded places. The Summer Safety Measures Campaign will run for 4 weeks until the 18th July, and will be live on TV, Radio, Digital, Social and Out of Home (OOH) channels.

The Scottish Government have created Sector Advice Cards to help managers find relevant advice and understand what to do in the event of an outbreak in the workplace and to help employers communicate COVID-19 related health and safety advice to their employees. The compliance team have reported that many of the outbreaks they have seen have been due to staff ‘letting their guard down’ rather than not having the correct procedures in place. These advice cards are a useful way to communicate important messages and provide reminders where staff may be prone to dropping their guard.

The Scottish Government has now published the specific Waste Sector Advice Card and it is available to view and download here:  Sector Advice Card – Waste Sector (

For more information on the two new Advice Cards on the Scottish Government website please follow the links below: