There is a large amount of support and guidance relating to COVID-19 being released, which can make it confusing to find the correct guidance. We have grouped the guidance together from the following organisation, which is relevant to the sector.

If there is something you feel should be included or you wish to share please contact

Scottish Government Advice

The main Scot Govt website detailing the overall government guidance on all aspects of the lockdown, including the recent 4 phase route map, and the latest specific updates and announcements from the First Minister.

Government Sector Guidance & Advice

Overall UK and Scottish government guidance on more specific regulations relating to the operation of the waste industry, relaxations of existing rules, and timeframes for further reviews.

WISH Guidance

Waste Industry Safety and Health links, providing information and reviews around the safe operation of waste management through the COVID-19 crisis. This also details changes to legislation and best practice and the guidance around ensuring staff remain safe whilst working.

HSE Guidance

Health and Safety Executive website, providing guidance for employers on all aspects of compliance with current regulations for safe working practices both in the workplace and for homeworkers.


A range of example document templates for you to use and update. Including templates on Social Distancing in the workplace, monitoring, and managing affected staff and safe working procedures.