The following case studies and templates were developed in partnership with SWITCH Forum members and showcase the practical application of COVID-19 health and safety protocols that were implemented throughout the pandemic.

Some of the guidance within these documents has changed over time – for the latest COVID-19 guidance please visit [link to updated COVID-19 landing page]

If your organisation or business has implemented similar protocols in response to the pandemic and would be willing to share these please contact

Social distancing in a depot at the start and end of shifts.

Managing COVID-19 in the workplace.

Returning to work during COVID-19

Crew bubbles.

Safe working procedure to prevent
and reduce the transmission of

Importance of social distancing in
the workplace and the consequences
for failing to do so.

Cleaning vehicles at the start and
end of shifts.


The following webinars have been recorded which provide information about a range of topics concerning the impacts of COVID-19 and the sector’s response.

Dangers of Batteries with John Twitchen

Introducing the RMAS and Case Study Operational Response to COVID 19

HSE SESA H&S Statistics with Stephen Freeland

IOSH Environmental & Waste Management EWGM Material Dr David Thomas 

Safe Management of Clinical Waste during COVID 19 in the NHS Scotland

COVID 19 & The Impact on Mental Health & Wellbeing

Lessons Learned from Delivering Waste